Treasure to discover

Caorle is a beautiful town overlooking the sea, unique and able to enchant every visitor. Getting lost in the colourful calli, letting yourself be overwhelmed by the scents, admiring its works including the ‘Scogliera Viva’ and exploring the sea and lagoon will be a wonderful experience.

“Open air exhibition”

The living cliff is one of the symbols of Caorle. Its rocks are sculpted by artists from all over the world and create a marvellous effect on the sea, crowned by the Church of the Madonna dell’Angelo, a characteristic cathedral overlooking the sea, visited by thousands of tourists every year.

The “Casoni”

In the Caorle Lagoon, surrounded by unspoilt nature, there are characteristic dwellings made of wood and marsh cane called Casoni and are the historic homes of the area’s fishermen. They can be discovered by motorboat excursions or by bicycle routes, taking advantage of the bicycle service offered by the Corallo Residence.